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Independent Study on Futurism

 Part 1: Theorizing Science Fiction and the Future

Week 1: Quentin Meillassoux, Science Fiction and Extro-Science Fiction 

Week 2+3: Fredric Jameson, Archaeologies of the Future: The Desire Called Utopia and other Science Fictions

Week 4+5: Patrick Parrinder, Learning from other Worlds: Enstrangement, Cognition, and the Political Science of Science Fiction and Utopia

Week 6: Carl Freedman, Critical Theory and Science


Fiction Part 2: Afro-Futurisms

Week 7: Adilifu Nama Black Space: imagining race in science fiction film 

Week 8: Andre Carrington, Speculative Blackness: The Future of Race in Science 

Week 9+10: Sharee Thomas (ed.) Dark Matter: A Century of Speculative Fiction from the African Diaspora 

Week 11: Sandra Jackson (ed.) The Black Imagintion: Science Fiction, Futurism and Speculative Blackness 

Week 12: Walidah Imarisha (ed.) Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements

Part 3: Indigenous Futurism:

Week 13:
John Reider, Colonialism and the Emergence of Science Fiction 

Week 14: Grace Dillon (ed) Walking the Clouds: An Anthology of Indigenious Science Fiction 

Week 15:Nalo Hopkinson (eds) So Long Been Dreaming: Postcolonial Science Fiction & Fantasy

Wendy Red Star, "Medicine Rock Child," 2011
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